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Although Jackalberries aren't found in very many places outside of the savannas and savanna woodlands of Africa, they aren't in danger of becoming extinct eirher.

Lockheed Martin’s INSYS land vehicle subsidiary is also involved, thanks to its acquisition of original designer HMT Vehicles Ltd. HMT had originally negotiated a royalty of GBP 4,000 per axle for the vehicle, but the arrival of British contracts has reportedly led INSYS to reduce that royalty.

Grayson added: "He has got all the ingredients but he would admit he still has to work on certain things. He is still young and there is room to develop. He is a willing learner and listener, he wants to stay out and be involved in training sessions.

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The Jackal soundtrack features music from and inspired by the 1997 remake of the film of the same name . It was released in 1997 on MCA Records .

 · Carlos the Jackal : Biographical treatment of Carlos the Jackal , a Venezuelan militant whose terrorist campaign spanned two decades.

The Jackal to the ancient Egyptians was sacred and mainly related to the god of embalming known as Anubis. Anubis was a god of the Underworld and was usually depicted as a man with the head of a black dog, or what we believe to have been a black jackal. This jackal-headed god was what we consider a psychopomp, or a being/spirit that guides souls from one side to the next (or from life to death). In this regard, jackals were associated with death and the afterlife to a certain degree.

Just as the 1997 film The Jackal was an update of the 1973 classic The Day of the Jackal, so too does the accompanying soundtrack album update the sounds, stepping above the usual movie fare with a punchy, edgy, completely contemporary assortment of leading electronica artists who not only enhance the frantic pace of the on-screen action, but give the armchair listener a revved heartbeat as well. Kicking off with Fatboy Slim 's "Going out of My Head," with its eye-catching samples from the Who 's "I Can't Explain," the rest of the album reels out like some glitter-filled who's who. From Prodigy 's "Poison" to the Moby mainstay "Shining," and from the Primal Scream classic "Star" to Black Grape 's proactive pot-loving club hit "Get Higher," the usual suspects are fingered. But placing the set apart are a few surprises. Massive Attack 's heavy, dub-tinged version of Siouxie & the Banshees ' "Metal Postcard," "Superpredators," is an inspired inclusion. Originally only available as a B-side on their 1997 "Risingson" single, it becomes a welcome addition here. Elsewhere it's a refreshing dive into the otherwise unavailable BT / Richard Butler collaboration "Shineaway," while the Chemical Brothers wrap their remixers around the Charlatans UK 's retro-rock "Toothache." It's not often that one comes away with the feeling that a soundtrack was compiled not only as a Zen match to its film, but also to serve as an important and incredibly cohesive record of genre -- of a moment in time. Utilizing a varied mix of some of the electronica field's finest artists, The Jackal certainly succeeds -- on both levels.

Various - The JackalVarious - The JackalVarious - The JackalVarious - The Jackal